Just as basketball is popular in the US, softball rules the sporting waves in Canada. Players take pride in being associated with certain softball teams, or for taking part in the different championships across the country. With Canada being the home of popular world competitions such as the Slo-Pitch Championship, here’s what trending in the field.

The 2018 edition of the Ed Bitz Scholarship was finally released with Melody Salehzadeh of Vancouver, B.C. and Meredith Harrison of Titusville, N.B. earning the honors. The young umpires have a rich history in softball, having played, and even officiated, in different competitions.

As it’s been the tradition, the National Officials Certification board has elevated twenty-one promising umpires to the status of level four. The elite officials were selected based on their ability, and understanding, of softball. This exciting program opens the doors for the umpires to take part in the Canadian Championships.

After grueling work, the Canadian women finally achieved a podium finish at the world softball championship held in the Japanese city of Chiba. The talking point, though, is the direct qualification of the US team leaving the Canadian women’s team to shine en route to qualifying for Tokyo 2020.

Softball Canada is already receiving bids for the 2019 Slo-Pitch championships. For enthusiasts and fans, this is a great moment, and will definitely have an impact on the selected location. For now, it’s a matter of wait to see what happens.

Softball is an interesting, and attractive, sport to watch. The energetic players, and the unique rules of play make the game an exciting occasion for fans. For Canadians, softball doesn’t only excite; it enriches the localities where it is played.