The type of swing you get depends on the type of bat you use when playing softball. If you are new to the game, here are a few pointers you need to look out for when buying your first softball bat.


When buying a bat, it is important to choose a bat with the right length. To achieve this, you can measure the length of the bat by placing the bat knob at the center of your chest, with the barrel protruding outwards towards your fingertips. If the end of the bat touches your fingertips, then you have the right bat size.

You can also measure the length by standing the bat upright from the ground and resting it against your leg. If the bat reaches your mid-hip, then the size is correct.


It is also important to consider how much the softball bat weighs before making your choice. A heavily built softball player can easily handle a bat that is heavy in weight. However, players with smaller builds require lighter bats. If the bat feels too heavy, it will affect your performance when hitting the ball. Choosing the right weight for your bat will help you achieve the fastest swing.

The best way to test the weight of the bat is to hold it with one hand, outstretched for up to 30 seconds. If you do not feel the need to drop your hand after the 30 seconds are up, then you have the right bat weight.


A bat’s drop refers to its length to weight ratio. If you have a lower drop, it means the bat is too heavy and it will have a negative impact on your swing. The drop can be determined by detracting the weight from the length. Selecting the correct size, weight and drop will help to ensure you go home with the softball bat that is right for you.