When playing softball, you need to have a good grip in order to hit the ball. Having a quick bat swing even makes it better. The way you grip your bat and your position will determine the type of swing you will get. If you want to increase your bat swing or get better at the game of softball, you need to follow this guide.

1. Your grip

To improve your bat speed, you have to keep the bat at the tip of your fingers. You stand a chance of getting good swing if you prevent the bat from getting to the palm of your hand.

2. Hands stay at the shoulder

To maintain control of your bat, your hands should be at what is know n as the shoulder. There is a common mistake in softball where players tend to take their hands off their back shoulder. This will delay the bat from hitting the baseball on time and lose the game.

3. Take advantage of your weight

When hitting the ball with your bat, using your weight to your advantage will help you put a lot of energy into the swing. It is important to keep your knees level while building momentum to move forward.

4. Elbow Back

When you see professionals playing, you notice their elbows are behind their back. If you want to get a quick swing, you need to place your elbows behind you. When you place your elbow at back and move your back knee forward, it would help you build energy from the back of your leg, so you can swing the bat.

5. Your position

Using energy requires that your upper body should be in a staying back position. When you push the bat forward, you won’t get the effect of hitting a fast bat. In hitting the ball hard, you will need to do a barrel turn.

Try these techniques regularly and improve your bat speed.