Softball was originally developed as an indoor variant of a baseball game. Gradually, the game advanced from a mere indoor game to a great outdoor sport that resembles baseball on every aspect. Softball is a both-gender sport, however female softball teams are more popular than their counterpart. If you want to know about softball, check out these channels that will bring you some videos about the game.

  • Angels Fastpitch Organization

This challenge belongs to a non-profit organisation with a vision of improving athlete’s character, athleticism, and leadership. Their work has seen softball athletes making a positive contribution to the community. The channel was created on September 23 and has a total video count of 14295 as of now.

  • Coach Me Wilton Softball

If you are interested in playing softball, this is the channel to subscribe. It offers a comprehensive guide to pitching, hitting, and fielding techniques. The channel offers videos with instructions for dummies, and drills for those who already know how to play but want to enhance their game.

  • Fastpitch Online Showcase

This channel was created to assist young softball players in high school get the right college. The channel organization goes a mile ahead and educates the young player and their families about the sport. It was created in April 2009 and so far has more than 827 videos.

  • Softball Factory

As the name suggests, this channel is literary a softball factory. Apart from offering training videos, it also aids in new talent scouting and players career development. It has about 158 followers and more than 14626 views.

  • Fastpitch Prospects

This YouTube channel offers an efficient and effective platform for recruiting college coaches. It basically links potential recruits with coaches who are committed and talented as well in the softball game. This offers a great opportunity of growth to both the players and the coach.