Softball games often appear like easy going contests, with no adrenaline spillover, but they too can get explosive at times. Actually, softball is as charged as any other athletic sport; the calmness is largely due to the gentlemanly nature of its players.

One such explosive incident occurred during a September meeting between Galway Hitmen and B. C. Loggers in Nova Scotia. The match was a seniors-fastpitch championship meeting, Hitmen were doing good and the crowd was getting charged by the minute.

Then, out of nowhere, Hitmen’s Mathieu Roy appeared to smash into Logger’s Scott Lieph at the home plate. A scuffle ensued inviting players and staff from both teams to crowd. The entire drama lasted no more than 20 seconds, two players from the Hitmen and one from The Loggers were sent off, and everything went back to normal.

Or not. One person’s presence on the pitch remained on the Loggers manager’s mind throughout and after the game. At the end of the game, manager John Bishop complained that Danny Williams, Galway’s sponsor, should have never been on the field as he is neither a coach nor a player.

The complaint prompted Softball Canada to take up the issue and set up a review. But, in a shave that was almost nearer than close, Williams was able to get off the hook.

How so? Apparently, besides being the sponsor, Hitmen have Williams listed as their general manager. That technically makes him a part of their staff, and underlines the legitimacy of his presence on the pitch. Close shave!

It may have helped that his involvement was more about quelling the scuffle rather then fuelling it. The association has, regardless, issued a stern warning against such incidents in future. Not that Hitmen will be too concerned though, given they were able to give the Loggers another drubbing one day after the incident!