Jeff Ellsworth, who hails from St. Lawrence, has once again made the grade for Team Canada in softball. Jeff, who has already hit 40 years old, has shown the youngsters that age is just a number. He became one of seventeen players chosen to play for the 2019 national softball team. A phenomenal feat for a player of his age, especially one that has been out of the action for some time.

Ellsworth: The Unsung Hero

Ellsworth has been out of the mix, when it comes to the national squad, for a few years. He dominated between 2005 and 2015. After a three year break, Jeff is back, and ready to show the world why. 40 may be seen as over the hill, but watching him play will give you an entirely new perspective on that. Ellsworth has proven that fitness blended with experience , and skill, is a winning combination. While younger players may have more stamina, sometimes the brains and the experience behind each move, are what makes it successful.

What’s in Store for the National Squad?

The upcoming fixture, the Confederation World Championship for 2019, is one that is no stranger to the national team. This year the event is going to take place in the Czech Republic. The last time Canada took part in the championship, in 2017, they received a third-place bronze. They are raring to go, with their experience and skill as their weapon. Softball Canada’s national men’s team is going big in 2019, and bringing home gold is their goal. They are a passionate team that is keen on proudly displaying their prowess on the field. You can be sure of one thing; they will give it all they’ve got, to get to the top. Canadians are gearing up for an exciting Confederation World Championship, and are backing their boys all the way.