Softball is a common variation of baseball, and therefore, the two games share specific rules. However, softball has a unique set of practices.

Below are some of the rules:

Rules of the Playing Area

• The field must have four bases: first, second, third and the home plate

• The lines between the bases are usually 45 to 60ft and must form a diamond when joined

• The pitcher’s plate should be located in the centre of the diamond

• A ball that goes beyond the first and third base is considered foul. The runners are not allowed to move on to the next base, while the batter gets another try. If, however, the ball was caught in the air, they are out

Rules on Equipment

The equipment used in softball differs for defensive and offensive positions:

• Batters should have a wooden or aluminium bat, wear batting gloves to help them with grip, and have a helmet on for protection.

• All defensive fielders should have leather gloves. The catcher should have a facemask, chest protection, and shin guards.

• Players should wear shoes and uniforms consisting of a jersey, shorts, pants, or skirt, have a baseball cap, and a headband.

Rules on Players

• Each team should have nine players, with an optional 10th

• A team is allowed to finish with eight players if one is injured

Rules of the Game

• A softball game should have six innings and run for one hour

• All defensive players must play by position

• A half inning ends when the defence records three outs or the offence scores five runs

• A batter is allowed three strikes or five pitches, whichever comes first. The batter is out if they are unable to hit the ball after five pitches

• An injured player may re-enter the game but must return to the same position they left