There are two types of softball games; fastpitch and slowpitch. Slowpitch softball is the most popular because it is fun and more relaxed to play. Unlike fastpitch softball, where the ball is pitched at high speed, the slowpitch game has a gentler pitch. This makes it easier for the batter to hit the ball. Therefore, slowpitch softball is more fun, because it has plenty of base running and lots of defensive play.

A softball team consists of ten players. These teams can either be mixed or single-sex. Mixed teams are usually made up of five men and five women. The competition teams take a turn to bat and field. The batters are called the offensive team, while the fielders are named the defensive side.

How To Play Softball

A softball field is made up of four bases; first, second, third and the home plate. The pitcher’s circle is located at the centre.

The objective of the game is to score more runs than the opposing team. A run is made when an offensive player touches all the bases before the ball is recovered. For this to happen, the batter must hit the ball far enough away to give the runner time to go to all the bases. If the ball is not hit far enough, the player has to stop at one of the bases, and wait for the next batter to hit the ball, before they can complete the run.

The role of the defensive side is to get the batter and base runners out, by either catching the ball or throwing it to a player on one of the bases.

Once three players of the offensive team have been caught out, the two teams switch roles. When each of the teams has batted, this is called an inning. A whole game consists of seven innings and usually takes between 45 and 90 minutes.