Spectator Sues Canadian Softball Association And Yukon

Yukon and Canadian amateur softball alliances have been sued by a man who sustained severe injuries at Whitehorse’s Pepsi Softball Centre. It was after allegations that the bleachers had “gave way” during Canadian Slo-pitch Championships in 2016. Ryan Joynt, in a claim declaration filed on August 9

Ellsworth Makes The Grade

Jeff Ellsworth, who hails from St. Lawrence, has once again made the grade for Team Canada in softball. Jeff, who has already hit 40 years old, has shown the youngsters that age is just a number. He became one of seventeen players chosen to play for the

Four Surprise Entrants in Western New York HoF Class of 2018

The 2018 Western New York (WNY) Softball Hall of Fame is here, and among the surprises we have this year, is that it includes four local veterans. This was revealed by Mike Tofil, the president of the WNY chapter. The four local softballers ushered into the 2018

Softball at the 2020 Olympics

With the popularity of the Softball games in the recent past, there has been a great push for the sport to be introduced in major sporting tournaments. This has seen the sport being recognized at various international sporting events making it one of the most popular upcoming

Hitmen Get of the Hook After Loggers’ Scuffle at Softball Canada Championship

Softball games often appear like easy going contests, with no adrenaline spillover, but they too can get explosive at times. Actually, softball is as charged as any other athletic sport; the calmness is largely due to the gentlemanly nature of its players. One such explosive incident occurred during

Does Softball Betting Differ From Other Sports Betting?

If you are a sports betting enthusiast, then you should be able to get through pretty much every game there is, softball included. The ease of betting on sports is that the odds are largely about two results- a win or a lose. Well, there is the

Softball Gambling

Softball has recently attracted the attention of some significant sport betting companies. This is because the game is exciting, compared to some traditional sports that people tend to gamble on. However, the sports market offered by bookmakers cannot be compared to that of football. Although, many efforts

Betting on Softball

Softball developed as an indoor version of baseball. In the early years, softball was played among friends. However, the sport has become very popular and is now played by millions of people around the world, such as the Softball Canada Association. Also, there are popular professional softball